Our company, Masaş MAKINA LTD STI, provides sale, upkeep and spare parts of steel cutting and steel bending devices in Turkey for long years.

Our mission is to introduce the latest technology to Turkish and foreign countries.

In a period of improved rivalry in construction and readymade iron sectors, our company's motto is to provide the latest innovations around the world with high quality of service and moral to companies. Therefore companies have the opportunity of reducing the costs of companies, improving the quality of production, reducing the cost of labor and prime costs and achieving effective and quick production.

Our company is present in this sector for 30 years and employs highly trained technical staff who are following the latest progressions by seminars abroad for perfect orientation.

With the presence of highly trained staff and Turkey's biggest machine parts- spare parts stock, our company is the leader of this market in Turkey.

Our company is the only authorised representative of Italian Schnell Spa which is one of the biggest brands around the world at its topic and the biggest in Turkish market since 1980.

Schnell Spa is in service of high quality iron processing sector by providing iron cutting and bending devices for facilities since 1960.

Furthermore, our company is the only authorised representative of Italian Tecmor Srl. Tecmor Srl is the leader of steel bending and cutting devices and steel stirrup devices in Turkish Market since 1990.